About Wendy

My name is Wendy Dayton. I live in the Denver, CO area with my husband of 35+ yrs.

We have four beautiful daughters, who are grown and live very activelives of their own. My family is very important to me, and I lovespending as much time with them as I can.

I was fortunate to be able to be home with our children, during their growing up years. Our girls were home educated for the majority of their education, and each of them are thriving in their respective careerpaths and higher education endeavors today.

I have been involved in networking of various kinds on and off for the past 21 yrs. The network marketing industry, along with the personal development and training I have received has helped me grow, as a person, in ways I could not have imagined. But that’s another future blog post.

I enjoy meeting people so networking was natural fit for me, but it wasn’t always that way. I have worked coaching people and have worked in various coaching capacities from health and business coaching to counseling and discipleship. I guess that would fall under the title, Lifecoach!

Besides raising our family, one of my proudest accomplishments is having gone back to school at age fifty. We relocated to Huntsville, AL where I completed a four year program in two years, and was honored as the Salutatorian in my first year of studies and Valedictorian of my class in my second year. I was totally amazed at both of these honors when they were presented to me and very blessed to have been selected.

I mentioned that I enjoy people, and I love to teach, mentor and coach. My future plans are to write and do some speaking. I also see myself mentoring others in helping them establish an online presence whether through blogging and/or earning a residual income.

Something that I would like to leave you with, in regards to living outside of the proverbial box, (because that really is where life is lived at its best and dreams become reality) is to learn how to ask “good” questions of others but, in particular ask good questions of yourself. Ask clarifying questions again and again. Never ask the question “why” because you’ll never come to a correct conclusion. It always judges! And believe me when I say this, “When you are asking your heart a question, it will bring up a litany of your history; therefore, it is critical to phrase your questions in a personal, present tense, and positive approach”!

My heart is full of wonderful questions and ideas that want to be shared and can be useful in every stage of life. Life really is our teacher, if we allow it and take our experiences from its classroom and grow from them; whether positive or negative!

What are you aware of today that you haven’t allowed yourself to trust is true for you? Or, what awareness have you denied or set aside because other people have suggested to you that it is wrong?

What I would like you to take away from this article is, it is never too late to pursue the dreams that may lie dormant in your heart.

Let’s chat soon. . .